Jimbob, Megan & Minnie

MADEbyJIMBOB specializes in one-of-a-kind, handmade jewelry. Jimbob, the man behind the literal moniker, has over 10,000 hours of jewelry making under his belt. With a background in building houses from scratch, Jimbob found it very natural to fabricate within a much smaller scale such as jewelry.

In 2006, he registered at Calstone University, a Los Angeles based trade school specializing in fine jewelry making. Jimbob studied under the President of the school, Master Jeweler, Gerald Park. Mr. Park groomed Jimbob to become an instructor post-graduation.

After two years of teaching, Jimbob took his skills and knowledge to the wholesale market, creating a collection that found itself in over 1,000 retail stores worldwide, including Nordstrom, BCBGeneration and Charming Charlie. His work has been featured on The Today Show and Good Morning America, and he has collaborated with a variety of designers. Jimbob opened his first brick and mortar retail store in 2013 in The NoHo Arts District in Los Angeles. After four successful years and 60+ five star reviews, he moved to a private studio location in Denver, Colorado.

Jimbob is trained as a bench jeweler and wax technician. He is versed in stone setting, polishing and repair. When Jimbob creates a wedding or engagement ring, he makes a point to ensure it is the only one that exists.

What makes Jimbob unique is that he has an insatiable appetite for invention and design. He has the ability to interpret a customer’s needs and preferences unlike anyone else in the industry. When he creates a piece, the customer is there every step of the way, leaving them not only fulfilled with the final piece, but with the experience of co-creating it.

Jimbob lives in Denver, CO with his partner Megan and daughter Minnie.  He enjoys a strong cup of coffee, a good bottle of wine, and lively conversation.

This is not your ordinary jeweler, this is not your ordinary jewelry.