Community & Corporate

First Time Mommies Group Charm

Community.  Where like minds exchange ideas, teamwork makes magic happen, and friendships are created for life.

Jimbob makes it easy to create wearable art that celebrates and gives thanks to your community. We can turn logos into jewelry, pins, or even cufflinks and tie pins. We can turn emblems into collectible charms with customizable options. The possibilities are endless!

  • Colleagues, employees, or the Big Boss
  • Clubs or teams
  • Your band that plays weekly in the garage
  • Facebook groups (like our featured photo!)
  • Corporate gifts
  • Family members – a crest, initial or emblem
  • Trophy rings
  • Fraternity or Sorority jewelry
  • Hobby groups – wine enthusiasts, explorers, cosplayers, you name it
  • Your best friends