Custom Works

The mind is the only limitation of what can be created.

If an idea or vision is dancing around your head, or if you are feeling inspired and have the desire to create, making your dream a reality will become one of your greatest accomplishments.

Jimbob works with all ideas – nothing is too crazy, too big, or too small. He works in gold, silver, or platinum; diamonds, gemstones, raw stones, and crystals. He will work with materials you already have, or seek out the perfect stone or material you desire.

He has worked with meteorite, mirrors, glass, ashes, and Swiss gold bars.  Beyond traditional jewelry, he has created knives, a chess board, belt buckles, grills, and “gangster” chains.  He was once asked to pour sterling silver at an exact time for a blessed piece.

He loves a unique concept. Nothing is too basic or too wild. Think it, and he will make it a reality.