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If you would like to support MadeByJimbob, here are ways to directly support Jimbob, his art, and his family:

YouTube Membership and Super Chats: Join Jimbob's YouTube Membership and join in on the fun! Members receive custom emojis to use in the chat, badges, a green username in the chat, and perks such as a free custom avatar and a discount code to his store! Memberships start at $4.99/month. Super Chats and Super Thanks are also available. Jimbob livestreams on YouTube, MWF at 11:00am PST / 2:00pm EST.

Dono Chats: Dono Chats are one of the best ways to show your support! You can include a personal message, and it will be read live on air during the livestream. 

Original Art: MadeByJimbob hand paints his memes on canvas. Please visit the Original Art page for more details! Custom commissions available.

SubscribeStar: - Choose a monthly amount ranging from $2 - $20. Do this if you are in it for the long game, and simply want to support MadeByJimbob. Jimbob does not actively post here, but may in the future.


Venmo: @madebyjimbob

Merch Shop: You can buy MadeByJimbob merchandise which directly supports Jimbob's art. Whether it's a book, shirt, or a sticker, each purchase puts food on the family table!

Donate: Using the link below! No strings attached...just a way to directly support Made By Jimbob.