Where To Find Jimbob

Made By Jimbob has been ((cancelled)) many times. His main Instagram account was cancelled at 115k followers in 2021. Here is the most up-to-date information on where to find Jimbob! (updated 10/2022)


YouTube - Join the lively conversation on YouTube! Weekdays at around 12:30pm MST / 2:30pm EST. He occasionally streams on the weekend or evenings. You can support him by becoming a Member, sending Super Chats, or jumping on the stream as a guest! Jimbob has guests on during the 2nd half of his daily 2 hour streams. You can also find recent replays of his streams, skits, and animations here!

UnAuthorized TV - Jimbob's latest streams AND older catalog are uploaded here. We are in the process of uploading his older streams that are no longer available on YouTube. Subscription required. Be sure to choose MadeByJimbob as the artist you wish to support!

Rokfin - Watch recent livestream replays on Rokfin! Subscription may be required. Choose MadeByJimbob as the artist you wish to support!


Instagram - @madebyjimbob - the original account got cancelled at 115k followers. If this link doesn't work, then you may have to search a bit (it means he's been banned again). He is often shadow banned and unsearchable.

Facebook - Made By Jimbob on Facebook

Telegram - This is a fan account that is very up to date with all things Jimbob! It may include comics, personal Instagram stories from Jimbob and his wife, livestream replays, and more!

Arkhaven: Weekly comics on the web, never censored or banned!

Washington Examiner - MadeByJimbob is a weekly contributor to the print edition of the Washington Examiner. Subscription required. These are more mainstream suitable cartoons.