Savage Memes Vol. 4 Coming Soon!

You read that right! Book 4 is coming soon!

Savage Memes Vol. 4 is officially at the printer, and should be in our hands this fall. Until then, we will be hard at work crafting the pre-order bonus! When the books are about a month out, we will start the pre-order sales. We will announce the pre-sale on social media, email list, and the livestream. So stay connected with Jimbob!

Book 4 focuses on the tail end of the 'Rona, Pride Month, and other various hot topics from 2021 - 2022. And unlike social media where your entire existence can be deleted...a physical book is yours to keep indefinitely!

We take great pride in our books, and Book 4 is no different. Thank you so much for being a fan and supporting Made By Jimbob's art and humor!

-Mrs Jimbob

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